Ingenieurbüro Steikert In 1992, Mr. Thomas Steikert had established the company. Over the years, many partners are obtained, with which the growth objectives have been implemented. SBA is one of these partners whom we had worked with since that time. During the years, with well qualified staffs, he has gaining more customers.

In 2001, metes was established as a subsidiary company in order to fulfil the other needs of our customers. Internationalization and globalizations are our slogans which we have set as our principles. We have prepared our competence to be able to serve our customers in English, Russian and Asian area.

In 2007 we were certified for the first time by the German Association for Technical Inspection and used the tools of the ISO 9001 actively in our business.

In 2009/2010 we were undergoing the crisis in 2009 and have also stood better again in Germany. With the new subsidiaries offices establishment in Berlin, Dortmund, Magdeburg and Jena, we are one step closer to the customers at the moment. Our successes are based on the qualifying sales engineers and a very reliable inside service. Unfortunately, we can not promise everything, but we have binding the commitments on us which we will well positioned and always concern and optimistic on every new challenges in the future.


In 2012 we celebrate out 20th company anniversary